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If your instructions do not specify the writing style, choose out of the available formats accepted in any college or university: MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, AMA, or Harvard. In case you will have to write an essay, you should be more observational: pay attention to the way a particular journalist or professional writer plans and structures the recent articles discussing the current events.

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Include each point: In the introduction, the author must specify three primary things: the scene, theme, and mood.

The scenery works the best as the attempt to attract the readers’ attention from the opening lines like the powerful hooks do.

The sun danced brilliantly on the green leaves as they swayed in the breeze. I found my way to a bench in the shade where I would be fairly undisturbed as I observed my Slowly drowning out the sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze was the sound of children playing.

On the other side of the park, several children were using the typical park accessories.

Global Education Monitoring Report by UNESCO states that total youth literacy rate in Egypt is 63.

How did the organization come up with this conclusion?The teachers often point down how many words they expect to see in the work of this type, but there is a recommended limit of 1,500 or more words.The description must contain many details and notes to write such a big paper.Other observation essay examples contain critical reviews based on movies, plays, and shows.Written works of this type are protected by the rights reserved; so, make sure to cite every quotation in your personal essay properly.In this article, writers from the best writing services will provide some good topics for an observation essay example, its definition, and accepted structure of this paper.In case you feel you lack writing experience or if you have a lot of questions regarding your homework assignment, research paper, or an essay, don’t forget that you can get cheap help from the writing gurus without leaving your home!The body paragraphs should contain numerous observational details and evidence to support the main argument.Professionals recommend writing three to five good ideas which you will try to defend in your work on a separate sheet of paper.A few feet in front of them a woman with a Walkman walked briskly.She was wearing a red baseball cap and she carried small dumbbells in her hands.


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