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Undergraduate writers can learn more about their summer offerings by visiting the website: If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact [email protected] 212-998-7584.

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that’s what made me realize that for 19 safaris i have had a platonic relationship with the moon; now I wonder if i should make it my goal to change that, falling asleep to the sounds of the hardwood couple yelling sonnet 18 in perfect iambic pentameter.

She was holding a stick and knew dogs like sticks so she brought it to the dog and tried pushing it inside its mouth, and the dog just sort of sat there as the stick moved against its gums and pushed against its cheek, and the children behind her laughed and were laughing still when they said look at her look at her, as if she was the funniest thing they had ever seen in their short short lives, and then one laughing boys looked at his finger and looked at the dog and looked at his finger and stuck it inside his mouth to see what it would feel like, must feel like, and no one was laughing anymore because someone’s mom was saying something and the child who was holding the stick was skipping happily on the sidewalk, the dog was running after a ball, and no one was laughing because there was nothing to laugh about anymore and it looks like it might rain at any moment.

Please download and complete the application below: West 10th E-Board Application 2019-2020 Applications are now open for the 2019-2020 Editorial Board!

Please direct all questions and completed applications to [email protected] Please download and complete the application below: West 10th E-Board Application 2019-2020 today i am sure that everyone looks like salvador dali but when the professor asks “if anyone feels like salvador dali” no one raises their hand.

With the support of NYU Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the MFA Program in Creative Writing in Spanish.

The Creative Writing in Spanish Program acknowledges the generous support of Santander Bank through its Santander Universities Program.The Electronic Poetry Center offers resources that focus on "digital and contemporary formally innovative poetries, new media writing, and literary programming." Pitt offers non-credit informal writing classes for older adult learners through the College of General Studies .Non-credit writing workshops are offered seasonally for a modest cost at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts School.Vacation morning number eight, good morning Black sea waves in languor kissing Vacation morning number eight, good mourning I am alive and prancing at the beach With hidden exaltation in each guilty gulp of glitter air Waves are making love, a grace of life in reach I am sun and salt and sand and lying on my back Lunch back at the hotel with Mom sobbing and all those stupid old waitresses around Tears in the creases of her face as she eats her meal I put my fork down and weep as well, I have found That it’s the prosaic that beats me swiftly down We get back home, have to get Our nicest black dresses out Some heathen on the bus to church stared at Us, the Christian juggernaut My mom and her cross and me with my pout I still dislike the yellow phallic candles They whimper in heat, drip and burn my hand (swollen incantations swallow us) As we say goodbye to the gentlest pagan goddess in the land I touch the dead and sip the wine and stand You let the record needle fall and so the matilija poppies bloom everywhere they look like giant fried eggs and I walk past the Blue Motel and feel like I am about to do something really awful it is true I am and I remember you, nose and lip bleeding from a dog bite and I remember your father, palm filled with a Van Morrison cd.You play one song on stereo then switch to the Powerball radio stream and I get my eyes dilated and the optometrist shows me what my retina looks like and says “the more colorful the retina the worse the eyesight” “what colors can the retina be?the streets are walked empty tonight, room made for cold noises to roam.outside, an ambulance tilts its horn like so much static: a white noise slighted into yellow.A free monthly poetry workshop is run by Pittsburgh Poetry Exchange at City Books, 1111 Carson Street, South Side at 8 p.m. NYU has long been recognized as a vibrant center for writing and literature and was named one of the top ten creative writing programs in the country by the .The program offers writing intensives especially for undergraduate writers.Instead its fat veins plowed into the garden before her, groaning and churning under the soil until it had conceived a gargantuan curvature of entwined roots.There stood before her a brooding entryway, for which between muddy walls laid a bizarre road.


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    Overview. The Creative Writing Program offers the MFA degree, with a concentration in either poetry or fiction. MFA students pursue intensive study with distinguished faculty committed to creative and intellectual achievement.…

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