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This means you’ll need to spend some extra care and attention on your application, especially on the supplemental essay “Why NYU?”Every freshman applying to NYU will have to write the standard Common App essay.

I talked about her bravery in fighting toward the unknown, and how I aspired to be like her: strong, goal-oriented, taking risks while the rest of my peers were content to watch from the safety of the ground.

After getting accepted to NYU, I immediately lost the essay, partially to prevent her from finding it and reading about how goddamn special she is to me.” — Kelly Weill, Editor-in-Chief“The relationship between beauty and cheese pizza.” — Cassidy George, Gallatin sophomore“I wrote about this Cafe in Mumbai (Cafe Madras) that’s so crowded and popular, you sit where they tell you and rarely if ever get to sit with everybody you came with.

” — Peter Slattery, Entertainment“World Cup 2010: USA vs.

England and the importance of not being indifferent.” — Andrew Harvey, Gallatin senior“I wrote about how I was considering a career in fashion, but didn’t want to be a snobby fashion stereotype like the rest of the girls at NYU.

Otherwise known as your personal statement, we created an entire Common App guide so you can write the best essay.

When you’re applying to NYU, you’ll need to write one supplemental essay. A question like this one, with several parts, requires that you understand and address the entire question in your 400-word response.My younger sister became a victim to such an occurrence and sent me her essay to proofread.Reading her essay inspired me to dig out my own application from what feels like a lifetime ago.I’ve compiled a few of our fellow NYU students’ recollections of their own essay topics — including some from members of NYU Local’s own staff — for your enjoyment.They range from the awesomely awful to downright cringeworthy.NYU is saying that you don’t need to have your major all figured out.You just need to have a clearly articulated interest in NYU.The prompts are vague, so applicants tend to transform awkward anecdotes into 500 words of clunky metaphors and overly-wrought emotions.They’re humiliating windows into our souls — essentially the written equivalent of the dream of showing up naked we all had in high school.After much consideration, you’ve decided to apply to NYU. NYU (short for New York University) is a private university located in the heart of New York City, with satellite campuses found in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. While the school admitted the largest number of international students as well as the largest percentage of African-American and Latino students in 16 years, the NYU acceptance rate dropped to 28%, its lowest acceptance rate since 2001.


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