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At many universities, candidates in Ph D programs are usually required to present a research proposal during or at the start of their candidature.

At many universities, candidates in Ph D programs are usually required to present a research proposal during or at the start of their candidature.

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Please remember to check spelling and to provide page numbers at the middle top of each page.

Any research proposal should be carefully tailored to the organisation asking for it, so the format should below always be adjusted to suit other requirements.

revealed that rarely were theses criticised for `bad writing' in the sense that most people understand that phrase.

That is, theses were acceptable in terms of the mechanics of presentation: sentence structure, paragraphing, spelling, grammar, etc.

Two helpful strategies are to encourage students to set attainable sub-goals so they use short periods of time efficiently.

For instance, rather than trying to write the whole section on methodology, a student could set the sub-goal of writing only the description of a key piece of equipment.Examiners called upon students to state clearly their hypothesis and their conclusions.If students adequately communicate the `thesis' of their dissertations, they usually avoid unnecessary length, lack of coherence, repetitiousness and confusion in their writing.Of course, if she or he had been writing all along, there would be at least a rough draft of this which would simply need to be refined.Another helpful strategy for writers who often face interruptions to their work is to leave themselves `pick-up points'.Many postgraduate students attest to the psychological difficulties they must overcome before writing of the first draft can proceed; for many the task appears insuperable, and much time can be wasted at this point as the student prevaricates and justifies this prevarication by asserting the need to continue the phase of analysis.Most supervisors have heard the plaintive cry: 'I still haven't read enough!The introduction is a five- to ten-line picture of the whole research, showing the major controversies or gaps in the literature which leads to the research problem.This description may become section 1.1 in the final thesis.'; this is frequently a symptom of nerves as the awesome moment approaches when the student must lay aside the security of index cards and plunge into the writing phase.Our experience suggests that problems particularly arise when the postgraduate student is unaware of the stages and steps through which research and writing normally proceed.


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