Nurture Vs Nature Essay

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Victims of molestation and physical abuse become so defensive later in life to a point that they also act just like those who inflicted them.When a child apes some of the things they see or if they practice them later in life then they are just putting them into use.

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These environmental factors are responsible for modeling the persona of a person.

The fact that one's life is confronted with the two situations i.e., nature and nurture, the process of developing is therefore impacted by both.

People's experience in terms of starting to see such characters are guided by times which essentially are typical ut, time is as well a factor of nurture.

It has been further established that the time for such traits to manifest could as well be affected by some other factors that are residing within the body of a person.

The code of nature has it that a person's genetic features are gotten from their ancestry because it matches to a greater degree that of the family tree.

The physical appearances, as well as our susceptibility to some health issues, can be attributed to genetic factors and its mixture.

Plainly put, environmental factors directly contribute to one's learning process, their development as well as how they will interact with others.

The parents are responsible for what one becomes later in life in as far as their relationship with others.

The environmental factors play an important role in nurturing a person towards adapting to some roles or strengthening some characters.

Children, when born, have a tabula rasa (empty brain) meaning that they have a clean slate that is not having anything on it but as they mingle with their environment and the people within it including their parents, they begin to learn somethings which end up shaping their characters.


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