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All in all, this thesis demonstrates the wide array of views held by scientists on the ethics of using animals in research.CHLOE WOODHOUSE "Evaluating Meaningful Use of Electronic Medical Records: Does EMR Support Doctor-Doctor Communication in Referrals for Surgery?

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ANNA CASSELL “‘Something is Really Wrong’: Evaluating Concussions and Early Retirement in Women’s Collegiate Soccer” Faculty Adviser: Mark Sheldon, Philosophy and Helen Schwartzman, Anthropology Abstract: The topic of concussions has captured the attention of the American public.

While most of the media discourse on concussions focuses on football, it is not the only major sport where concussions are both common and their effects devastating; women’s soccer is another sport in which concussions have become an increasingly problematic health concern.

Their engagements in the DTCA debate revealed an enduring connection between public health, science, and regulation.

MARK SPECHT "The Moral Philosophies of Scientists" Faculty Adviser: Mark Sheldon, Philosophy; Medical humanities and bioethics Abstract: The purpose of this study is to understand the views of scientists as they relate to the ethics of using animals in research.

Along with this shift, there was a consistent discussion of what was in the best interest of the patient.

This best interest was hedged on the availability of information/knowledge, good science, physicians’ objectivity, and cost, yet participants turned to these tropes differentially.I do this by combining ethnographic research, specifically focused on the narratives of players who have had to medically retire from soccer, with an in depth evaluation of the NCAA’s “Sport-Related Concussion Guidelines, which are assessed in light of the most recent and relevant scientific and educational literature on this topic.My research suggests that there is a major lack of understanding about the long-term impacts of concussions at all levels, and when this is combined with player narratives, which indicate that players often do not report their concussions and continue to play or they lie about their symptoms in order to be cleared to play, it is obvious that “something is really wrong.” However, despite the severity of persistence of some of these long-term symptoms that can result from concussions, participation in collegiate soccer—and indeed all levels of soccer—has tremendous value for women and girls.Specifically, this project aimed to examine the influences on each individual's understanding of disability as well as how these understandings of disability shaped each individual's health perceptions.The participants, all first generation immigrants from China or Taiwan, each expressed a hybrid model of understanding disability, building upon East Asian conceptions of disability with their cultural and social experiences in America.Seven surgeons and eleven physicians participated in 30-minute semi-structured interviews concerning if and how they use EMR to refer a patient for surgery and communicate patient information to other healthcare providers pre-operation and postoperation.This study is not intended to measure the qualitative outcomes of patients, but rather outline the communication of patient information inside and outside the EMR."Race, Health, and Disability Identity: Using Photovoice to explore the health of Asian American adults with visually identifiable disabilities" By Emily Gao Faculty Adviser: Kearsley Stewart (Anthropology) Abstract: Although Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial group in the United States, this population has been one of the most poorly understood minorities in terms of qualitative health research—this is in part due to the influence of the 'model minority myth,' which suggests that Asian Americans' health does not need additional attention (Kwan and Au, 2010).This article describes a research project that implemented the Photovoice method to examine the lives of four Asian American adults living with visually identifiable disabilities.Graduating seniors in Biological Sciences have the option of submitting a senior thesis for consideration for Honors and Research Prizes.: Consensus, Credibility, and Concern in the History of HIV/AIDS Origins Research" Faculty Adviser: Steve Epstein, Sociology Abstract: Since the beginning of the observed AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s, practically every community with a stake in understanding the disease has engaged in speculation, storytelling, rigorous investigation, and controversy about its origins.


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