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But before you get into writing the narrative essay, you would have to come up with an outline for narrative essay. It introduces your readers to the main item of discussion and gives a brief background of the essay in question.A typical introduction paragraph has the following structure: The topic sentence should contain the hook and should be as compelling as possible. To do this effectively, write an interest-arousing scenario.On the other hand, part of your literature classes would entail writing essays.

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The body of your essay is arguably one of the critical points of your narrative essay. It is where you narrate your whole ordeal and experiences.

It is also where you put forth your arguments in support of your thesis statement.

Since this is a narrative essay, you would want to soften your approach when writing the thesis. Remember that this is a narrative essay outline template.

Your thesis shouldn’t sound as if it is a research paper or dissertation.

A typical body of a narrative essay has three paragraphs.

The paragraphs, on the other hand, have five sentences in general.

It also may have happened in a single location for just one instance of time.

The importance of giving the background in the supporting sentences is so as to place your reader in the actual scenario of events.

This is because the narrative essay is of a personal nature.

The admission personnel is normally interested in your personality and character hence the choice of an essay.


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