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Support those other influencers, even if it’s doing something as simple as commenting on their social media posts.Look at their posts as a way to share information, both with your own network and your clients.That friendship network will support each other through the presentation and treatment.

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They may be able to contribute to your network later on. She lives in her business by sharing self-love and support every day. Eventually, you should become the only choice for your clients in the Mobile Med Spa space.

Your brand should be authentic and you should live the lifestyle that you are promoting. The worst moments are when you can’t make a client happy.

Those clients will help drive you to make your Mobile Med Spa business better. Lunderville encourages those wanting to start a Mobile Med Spa to go for it.

She suggests that even if you fail, you’ll have the amazing experience of trying to build this business for yourself.

But in those slow times, you need to find ways that you can lean in and invest in your business.

If you have a week without clients, look for ways to build your business: Don’t view other Mobile Med Spas as competition.Entrepreneurship is the space to build your dreams.You don’t have to be a business person or a medical person; you can create your own space.That creates a more positive experience for you and sends positive energy towards the other person.Even if there isn’t a response, you’ve planted a seed for a future business relationship. Lunderville, her mission is to promote self-love and support women on their path.Focus on the next client and the existing clients, not the clients you lose.The clients you have are the ones who align with your vision.Understand why the client wasn’t happy and what you could have done differently to change their experience.Go through the learning process even though it’s uncomfortable.The Mobile Med Spa allows women to receive information and treatment with the support of friends in a familiar space.At the heart of this business plan is the presentations she gives.


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