Mobile Food Cart Business Plan

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Keep a running tally of all sales or receipts to be able to perform a cash audit at the end of each shift or once you complete your time at a location.

Make tax payments monthly or quarterly to ensure that all taxes have been paid on time.

Mobile food catering trucks and carts provide food vending in locations where a stationary kitchen isn't available.

Some mobile catering vendors operate on a circuit, moving from place to place at established times, while others set up their carts or trucks in the same location each day.

If you have full-time employees, you will need to purchase unemployment insurance as well.

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Investigate potential setup locations, such as factories, car lots and parking lots.“Increasingly, the trucks that are entering the space are sophisticated people who have put together business plans,” he says.“They have an idea of how to market themselves, how to communicate to their customers, and what their core value is that they’re delivering.Some carts and trucks are designed to meet health standards in all 50 states.Have your vending truck or cart inspected by the health inspector in the city or county where you will be operating.Though the cart or truck used to sell food is mobile, owners of mobile catering businesses must still meet state and local health code rules to operate.Decide where you will prepare the food that you will sell.On the flip side, many successful restaurant groups are now looking at food trucks as opportunities to more successfully service their internal catering needs and serve as a marketing vehicle for their restaurants.We talked to Matt Cohen, founder and CEO of Off the Grid, a network of gourmet mobile food trucks that hosts weekly markets at various locations throughout the Bay Area.If you have employees you will be responsible for reporting their wages and withholding taxes from their paychecks as well.Keep records of all food and supply purchases so that they can be deducted as operating expenses from business taxes at the end of the year.


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