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Using a calendar, decide together on dates for small deadlines. Dock the grade if your teen has not met each stepping stone.Students must have room to keep reference material organized and handy.

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If your student needs confidence in his or her writing skills, stop the presses and hit Write Shop I and Write Shop II.

Older teens can zoom through the lessons in this curriculum and gain that solid foundation.

Write Shop I teaches strong paragraph writing and more mature sentence structure.

These skills pave the way for students to learn five-paragraph essay writing in Write Shop II.

Also, I could pop in and help them find sources or discuss an issue when they camped out next to the kitchen. The general background noise of a coffee shop keeps me productive, whereas, noise from my family distracts me. Libraries, which have free Wi-Fi, allow you to talk (and sometimes even bring snacks and drinks) in study rooms.

Plus, with reference materials and a helpful librarian just a few steps away, the library makes an ideal place to focus on research.

She has a heart for building relationships with you and your kids, and through her warm encouragement, she takes the fear out of teaching writing.

Essay writing skills lie at the foundation of research writing.

If you have younger children, allowing your teen to wear noise-canceling headphones is a good idea.

When my kids worked on their research papers, I set up a long folding table in the middle of the living room.


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