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Medical Assistant Essay-90
I have to make it clear to patients that I’m not a nurse. A medical provider such as a doctor or nurse must order everything I do.

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I was a horrible student in high school, but in college, I got good grades; I did really well.

It was hard work, but because I was paying for school and because I was so motivated to learn, it was very satisfying. Working with patients who absolutely adore me definitely motivates me to provide excellent care.

I love what I do; I enjoy the versatility of medical assisting. I’ve worked with some elderly women who told me that they preferred my blood draws over others because I’m so gentle.

Blood draws can be very painful, and they gave me great feedback. If they had trouble parking, I’ll give them parking vouchers.

You’ll lose your skills if you don’t get hands-on experience. The first time one of my patients died, I was crushed. But in an outpatient practice your experience with patients isn’t as concentrated as it is in a hospital. But you have to gauge the patient’s personality and match their mood.

You see your patients once a week, once a month or twice a year. Sometimes if I get the sense that they’re talkative and outgoing, then I ‘m chattier.

He is doing everything possible to discourage American organizations from outsourcing.

As mentioned earlier, lot of clerical jobs in the health sector are outsourced because of the shortage of qualified medical assistants in America.

It is difficult for an American to communicate effectively with a foreigner, even if the foreigner has some knowledge in English.

Many of the foreigners who are working in American hospitals do not have proper knowledge about the verbal and nonverbal communication channels of the Americans.


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