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Here you will find a range of different math problem sheets to help you learn to apply your math facts to solve a range of problems.There are a range of different word problems and fun math challenges for each grade.In a classroom setting you can provide a problem to partners or a group of students to solve together and then provide a regeneration of the same problem for the children to do solo.

There will be lots more worksheets added over the next few months.

[Grade 1] [Grade 2] [Grade 3] [Grade 4] [Grade 5] The Word Problems are listed by grade and, within each grade, by theme.

Here you will find a range of math problems aimed at first grade level.

Each problem sheet is based on an interesting theme such as parties or the seaside.

Try to make a dictionary available that they can refer to if they need it.

This Word Problem Worksheet page is a recent addition to Helping With We also have a selection of word problems sorted by math area including fractions and ratio.This page contains links to other Math webpages where you will find a range of activities and resources. Here is our selection of different Math problem worksheets.Keep in mind that Math Word Problems require reading, comprehension and math skills so a child who is good at basic math equations may struggle more than you would expect when faced with math word problems.All word problems are dynamic (in other words, they regenerate a new problem each time you open them or click refresh on your browser).Remember, there are well over 700 pages for each year available to purchase as downloads. These activity sheets are a great way to practise problem solving with your child.The words in the particular problem will not change but the numbers will.Children who struggle converting a word problem into a math equation will find it reassuring (confidence builder) to revisit the same verbal clues with different numbers, so consider printing a couple regenerations of each problem.Below is a free selection of worksheets in pdf format, taken from the year groups 1 to 6.Please print out these samples and use at home, or photocopy and use in class.


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