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Everyone knows that education doesn’t end in the classroom.Those parents who want the best from their child, know this very well.Have your child invite a friend over and encourage them to do their homework together. Then you can reward the children with free time and a snack after they complete their work. Too much emphasis on grades can destroy your child’s love of learning and devalue relationships.

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Whatever you use, remember your ultimate goal is to help develop good habits for the future. Write it for Them No, that doesn’t mean do it for them.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but if you mix up the routine, and have your child dictate the answers to you, they will be a lot more interested in the actual subject material.

Everyone knows BBC as the national broadcaster which offers the latest news about the world.

BBC did a step forward to come closer to their viewers and they created Bitesize to help both students and parents who are looking for free advice on math.

This website comes with simple math exercises to make children find the fun in math.

On the other hand, whenever parents are in difficulty and they don’t know how to help their children, this is a good website to find the answers they need.

Small snacks, stickers, i Pad time or toys work well for younger children.

Older children might be motivated more by privileges like TV and Computer time or larger rewards like money.

Even though children finished their homework, they can still learn a bit more math during some fun games.

Primary Maths Arena offers plenty of online games showing children that math can be a lot of fun.


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