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Instead, use them as a reference point for your particular marketing strategy.No matter what tactics you choose, your content still needs to appeal specifically to your audience and provide them with value at every opportunity.Take a look at the examples below to see which methods can benefit your company.

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After all, who couldn’t use more help keeping their finances in order?

How do you make a marketing strategy that targets most of the population?

The more information you have, the more you’ll be in tune with the problems of your customers. What social media platforms do they like to engage with you on?

Who are the industry influencers that they actively pay attention to?

You could discover any of the following factors through problem-identification research: Once you identify your marketing problem, you need to research how to solve it.

The following research options will help you solve potential problems or capitalize on opportunities identified by your company: Using research for problem identification and problem solving is essential when you want to make your company the best in its market.And if you want to showcase just how valuable you are, you have to solve consumer problems more efficiently and more consistently than your competition.At this point, it’s pretty clear that treating marketing as an opportunity for problem-solving appeals to the needs of the modern consumer.Here’s how Seth Godin puts it: So, how do you do this? You’ve probably already created them for your product or service. If you haven’t updated your buyer personas in a long time, you can use this template from Xtensio: Overall, there’s a pretty clear correlation between your attention to customers and the success of your business.In fact, one study found that 65% of businesses that exceeded their lead and revenue goals had updated their buyer personas within the previous six months.Mint came up with a solution: Market to their two types of users.The first group is already relatively financial literate. The second group is trying to budget as efficiently as possible.So far, I’ve only covered what that looks like in a general sense.If you really want to get your hands dirty, you need to see what it looks like in action.What problem does everyone in your audience struggle with on a regular basis?General digital media marketing principles are important, but they aren’t worth much if you can’t apply them to your unique marketing situation.


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