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We see that a single topic can be approached from many different perspectives depending on how the disciplinary boundaries are drawn and how the topic is framed.This step of the research process requires you to make some decisions early on to focus the topic on a manageable and appropriate scope for the rest of the strategy. ‘The literature’ consists of the published works that document a scholarly conversation in a field of study.Features of trade publications: Trade publications are geared towards professionals in a discipline.

‘The literature’ is published in books, journal articles, conference proceedings, theses and dissertations.

It can also be found in newspapers, encyclopedias, textbooks, as well as websites and reports written by government agencies and professional organizations.

It is good to review the differences and think about when to use information from each type of periodical.

A magazine is a collection of articles and images about diverse topics of popular interest and current events.

Consider the following types of questions as you examine what different disciplines might contribute: In this example, we identify two disciplines that have something to say about the role of sports in society: allied health and education.

What would each of these disciplines raise as key questions or issues related to that topic?Disciplines are knowledge-producing and -disseminating systems which consume, produce and disseminate knowledge.Looking through a course catalog of a post-secondary educational institution gives clues to the structure of a discipline structure.It will include both theoretical and empirical works.Both types provide scope and depth to a literature review.Although a discovery tool, such as a database or catalog, may link you to the ‘the literature’ not every tool is appropriate to every literature review.No single source will have all of the information resources you should consult.When you do this, you will also learn how to decode the way how people talk about a topic within a discipline.This will be useful to you when you begin a review of the literature in your area of study.Fields such as political science, biology, history and mathematics are unique disciplines, as are education and nursing, with their own logic for how and where new knowledge is introduced and made accessible.You will need to become comfortable with identifying the disciplines that might contribute information to any search strategy.


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