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In these cases, students will be required to provide two versions (original and redacted) of the online thesis to the Thesis Examination System: Where possible, confidential information should be presented in an appendix rather than in the body of the thesis.

The body of the thesis can then be available on open access, while the appendix is not.

You must consider carefully whether applying for restricted access will unduly impair your ability to publish your research or make your work and achievements known to potential employers.

Discuss these issues with your supervisors before applying.

The Primary Chief Investigator on your grant will then need to explain why your thesis was not made openly accessible, and the compliance options that were investigated to make your thesis open, when they submit their Final Report to the ARC.

The NHMRC, unlike the ARC, explicitly exempts scholarship holders from the mandatory requirements of their Open Access Policy, however the NHMRC strongly encourages funded graduate researchers to make their thesis and any peer-reviewed publications Open Access.

Once your thesis is deposited to Minerva Access if you selected embargo to your thesis, you may lift the embargo before its expiry by submitting an email request, along with your supervisor’s endorsement, to Minerva Access.

The ARC Open Access Policy applies to all research outputs stemming from grant funds, including publications produced by graduate researchers whose scholarships are funded by the ARC.

The embargo period of two years can be extended for up to an additional two years if required.

You will be contacted prior to the initial two year embargo period expires to invite you to extend for an additional two years.


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