Liberty Village Assignments For Sale

For those who do not know, Assignments occur when a purchaser buys a condo from the developer and then attempts to assign his/her Agreement of Purchase and Sale to a new purchaser ahead of the final closing, usually at a profit.

We are fielding a number of calls recently from people who have bought in Liberty Village who are having trouble getting a mortgage approval in light of these fairly recent changes.

If you or anyone you know if going through a situation like this, please contact and one of our Mortgage Professionals will take care of you or at least educate you on all of your options.

We encourage you to speak with James if you are running into this problem and should you require help in selling your Liberty Village condo, Heikki Walden and I are your Liberty Village real estate team with hundreds of successful sales in Liberty Village and the surrounding areas.

Experience the largest off-campus housing community for BYU students.

One of the most social apartments conveniently located just two blocks from Brigham Young University!E-mail us at [email protected] or call us at 416-520-0779.Liberty Village is a vibrant neighbourhood in Toronto with a unique urban feel.Photos Amenities At Liberty on Freedom, we pride ourselves in having some of the best apartment options around.Our recently updated 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments come fully furnished and feature open layouts, flat screen TVs, High Speed Internet, and much more!The 43-acre master-planned community has a combination of commercial, residential and retail buildings and received its name from property owners and developers in conjunction with Toronto City who branded it.Liberty Village’s streetscape is proudly dominated by red brick Victorian industrial architecture which makes it distinct.They will either say: “The square footage of that unit is too small”.Or they will say, “we can only finance your new purchase based on the original purchase price and not the new assignment purchase price”.Not to fear too much, because if you have a GOOD mortgage broker with exceptional relationships with the few lenders still approving these types of purchases you have nothing to fear…at least for now.If you go into your local branch or talk to a big banks mortgage specialist, there is a VERY high chance that bank will say no.


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