Leadership Problem Solving Activities

After each pair has exchanged their plans, the other person must describe the trip of their partner as best they can. After about one minute of trying to recreate the model, ask another member to come up for a “sneak peek” before going back to their team and telling them how to recreate the sculpture.Team building games are a great way to bond and bring your employees together.Instruct your teams that this river is full of Provide cardboard squares as footholds that can be placed on the ‘river’ to cross.

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Organizational success is largely dependent on how fast and in what way its people connect with each other for mutual benefit.

And this eclectic collection of top 50 team games would help you do just that!

Ken Blanchard, management expert and author of the famous book “The One Minute Manager” came up with a genius of a quote that goes like this – “None of us is as smart as all of us”, simple words with a lot of weight.

Teamwork has been at the center stage for many years as far as employee-focused initiatives are concerned and its value in bringing about workplace happiness has remained non-debatable.

It can get people thinking about how to formulate strategies and use logic to reach long-term goals.

Leadership Problem Solving Activities

These activities may give you the inspiration and motivation to build stronger and more successful company teams.

The game is best played in groups of four players and as a pass-and-play for teams.

With each new tile that is laid, groups must adjust their strategy.

(Ensure that all the cardboard squares put head to head do not cover the entire length of the river.) Divide your team into pairs.

Each person in a pair reveals to their partner what their ideal vacation would be – if time and money were no constraints.


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