Language Gender And Culture Essay

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There is no proven fact that one gender or the other can make better decisions.

There is only a small difference between interpersonal communications.

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To manage intercultural interaction effectively, speakers need to be aware of the inherent norms of their own speech practices, the ways in which norms vary depending on situational factors and the ways in which speakers from other language backgrounds may have different expectations of language usage and behavior (Duran & Shepherd, 2009, p. Communication in many cases can be misinterpreted due to different cultures, When it comes to gender, there are some different perceptions of the communication.

In most cases this perception is dictated by the culture.

Sometimes, these stereotypes are just plain misconceptions that do not even apply to the group it claims to.

Stereotypes are placed on people because it is a way to easily identify what type of person or ethnicity an individual is.

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Culture, gender, personality and communication COMM 101 Culture, gender, personality and communication Interpersonal communication is a topic that is accepted differently by different people and depends on the contest of the communication.


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