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What challenges did you face, and what did you learn?(450 words) This is a fairly straightforward essay prompt, and we recommend responding in an equally straightforward manner.

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On its admissions FAQ page, the school lists “values and motivations” among the elements it seeks in candidates, so a frank query on the topic only makes sense.

Kellogg wants to know how your values influence your decisions and actions, and in particular, which ones tend to guide you most often or intensely.

Although we often note that not all great leadership stories necessarily have to end in success, Kellogg’s request for evidence of “value” certainly implies that the school wants to hear about a situation that had a preferable resolution.

Note that Kellogg does not specify that the experience you share must be related to your workplace or career.

That said, we would encourage you to learn what you can about the values Kellogg students tend to display or that would likely be compatible with the Kellogg community.

Contact students and alumni to get a sense of what these might be, and if you identify one or two that match some of your own, those might prove strong fodder for your essay.

For this application season, the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University has kept is first essay question largely the same but updated the second to focus on applicants’ guiding principles rather than (past and future) growth.

Interestingly, both of Kellogg’s essays now center on “value(s),” but in very different ways, according to two separate definitions of the term.

Simply stating that you embrace certain values is easy, so the admissions committee is understandably asking for illustrations of this phenomenon to better gauge this for itself.

Having an idea of how you tend to incorporate your core beliefs into your life will help the school better envision how you might fit into its classrooms and the business world after you graduate.


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