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The events and characters of portray the philosophical principles that affect the actual existence of men in the world.

The conflict between the looters and the creators dramatizes the struggle between contradictory visions, values, and moralities.2 Because human values are abstractions made from observations, the reader is given concretes in the novel in order for the abstract values to become real for him.

Section one examines the philosophical and literary structure and integration of this great philosophical novel.

The next part deals with issues of political economy.

Rand selects and integrates actions and events that dramatize the theme of the novel.

John Galt Speech Essays How To Write A Excellent Essay

is a “story about human beings in action” (Rand 2000, 17).

Every event, action, and character serves both dramatic and philosophical purposes. Rand’s emblematic characters have all irrelevancies and accidents removed.

Rand probes each character’s motives, connects a set of personal traits to each character’s motivation, and integrates the actions of the characters with their motivation and character traits.

Taken together, these manifold perspectives impart a moral sense of life that embodies admiration for each individual person’s highest potential (i.e., as he can be and ought to be).

Leonard Peikoff observes that marvelously constructed and interwoven plot is a miracle of organization encompassing multiple layers or tiers of depth.


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