Instructions Writing Cause Effect Essay

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In this article we will provide an overview of causality to promote a better understanding of just what exactly a cause and effect essay is intended to do, and provide a basic reasoning and composition guide to making a strong argument in a cause and effect essay.

The very notion of cause and effect is deeply embedded in Western thought and in human thought in general.

If the ground begins to rumble underneath our feet we know that such a seismic event requires a considerable amount of force, so we will look for an earthquake, air strike, or some other cataclysmic event.

We wouldn’t seriously entertain the idea that a book on our shelf, our cat, or our printer is causing the earth to shake because none of these things have the power to bring about the sort of effect we are experiencing.

Even supposing those explanations are proven false, you would not conclude that there was no cause of the rabbit.

You would continue to scale possible causes, even extraordinary ones.

This principle is common to ordinary reasoning and everyday experience.

We might know, for instance, that trees do not have the power of locomotion.

Even after exhausting all known possibilities, you would settle for not knowing what the cause of the rabbit was—rather than asserting that it was uncaused.

The second horn of the principle of causation is that— in order for an effect to occur, the agent bringing it about must have the power to do so.


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