How To Write Proposal Paper

That is why revisions are standard operating procedures for much larger papers such as dissertation proposals.They can aid your research paper for exactly the same reasons.For instance, you would not mention that you have taken advanced statistics courses, but you might mention the techniques you plan to use for data analysis.

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Once you have identified an important question and stated it clearly, you need to say how you will examine it. You may wish to illustrate your approach with a little preliminary analysis, probably only a paragraph or two.

In the social sciences, you should also mention what data you will use.

In discussing these skills, your goal is never to show off.

It is to show what you will study and how you will study it.

Whatever the department regulations, all research paper proposals need to contain a few key points about what you intend to do. If you can already answer the main questions you pose, then they are probably the wrong ones. Your research paper proposal should outline your topic, its importance, and your approach to studying it.

In clear, concise language, your proposal should explain: The proposal should briefly state your topic, its importance to your field, and the way you intend to analyze it. What you need not do is answer the hard questions you pose. It should pose one or two major questions, but it does not need to answer them. One way to explain your topic’s importance is to describe current debates surrounding it and how leading scholars treat it.

It’s essential to know these administrative details, and you should find them out now.

But they are separate from the intellectual issues we cover here.

Then return to discuss it before moving on to more focused research.

The draft proposal and its revisions will point you in the right direction.


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