How To Motivate Kids To Do Homework

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They won’t want to finish tasks in the future if they don’t even realize what actually happens if they don’t. Yes, they might finish a task if we insert a threat or a nag, but they’ll do so begrudgingly.Sure, you might suspend television if they don’t clean the living room, especially if doing so is part of the deal.But if every task requires a reward, then the chances of your child feeling motivated to finish them will dwindle soon. They’re so enticing and new that your kids will likely do all their tasks to earn that reward.None of this would register if you’d finished the tasks and saved them from the consequences. Let him answer to his teacher and experience a less-than-expected grade.Did he not wash all the dishes, or made his bed haphazardly?After all, they’ll be motivated to finish a task they got to make most decisions on. We’re scared they’ll mess up, do a project wrong, or completely botch a task.Maybe that’s letting your kids fix their bed however way they want, or not taking over his school projects and crafts (you can always tell which were the ones parents did! But kids crave that control and the ability to make choices.And it turns kids into driven, self-starters finishers.Okay, so we get that motivation is more inspiring than nagging or punishment.After all, the “mistakes” are petty compared to the lessons they learn from doing things on their own.So they didn’t rake the leaves as neatly or even as effectively as you do, but they learned the importance of contributing to the household and the pride of a job well done.


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