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As you’re writing, don’t be afraid to initially exceed the word count.Your English teacher can help you rework some of your sentences so that you lose words but you don’t lose content or your message.But dance had helped her manage her anxiety, and therefore overcome some obstacles to improve her mental health. But this one worked well – the student answered the question and shared a lot about herself and her character. Jodi: There’s such a thing as too many chefs when reviewing a college essay. Be appropriate (that goes for all aspects of the application! Avoid anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see.

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I had a student who needed to write about overcoming an obstacle, and she wrote all about her feet.

She’s a dancer, and dancing had destroyed her feet, making her embarrassed about how they looked.

Most other applications will have a minimum and maximum word count as well.

If you’re closer to the minimum word count, you’ll want to read your essay and make sure it conveys enough of your character.

But remember to focus not on the event but on the Key tip: Make sure that the topic addresses the question!

If the essay is off topic, you’re conveying to the admissions committee that you can’t follow directions.

You might write a great essay, but if it’s irrelevant to the topic or question, you’ll raise a red flag.

Meredith: What are some good things to write about?

The Common App is still the most popular, but there’s also now the new Coalition App, and then some schools have their own application.

Students should read through the essay topics and see which ones they gravitate toward first.


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