Homework Is Good For Students

Do you ever wonder…what would it be like to have no homework every day of the week?That brings us to the big question – is homework good or bad? Some believe homework is an extremely beneficial activity, while others argue that it’s the stupidest thing that a kid can do.A study by the University of Phoenix surveyed over 1,000 teachers asking how much homework they were assigning.

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If homework is important, how much homework should students have?

Though many students see homework as an unpleasant requirement of school, there are many benefits to homework.

In fact, more than 56% of students say that homework is a major reason they stress about school.

The National Education Association and the National Parent-Teacher Association have agreed on a standard amount of time students should spend on homework. Students should spend 10 minutes a night, per grade level working on homework.

And since it’s important for young people to have a balance between school and play, spending too much time on homework can lead to students resenting school and losing interest and motivation.

Studies have also shown that too much homework can be very unhealthy, making students feel stressed and burnt out.It’s a question that is debated by teachers, parents, researchers, and students alike.Homework instills values like discipline and time management and helps students develop their study skills.That means that if a student is in grade 1, they should spend 10 minutes on homework every night.If they are in grade 10, they should spend 100 minutes on homework.I’ve included some quotes from MMS students that show their opinions on homework. from the 7th grade Gold team believes that homework is bad for students.“The teachers claim that homework is for reviewing what we did in class, but I think 10 minutes per class is enough homework, not hours each night,” Lilly told The Dragon.On the other hand, Abby N., also from the 7th grade Gold team thinks that homework is helpful.“It’s a good review on what we do in class, though, it gets excessive after 5-10 minutes of homework for each class.It’s important to remember that homework isn’t all bad.In fact, it can be very valuable—it teaches students good study habits and time management.


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