Homework And Academic Achievement

Homework And Academic Achievement-53
It can foster independent learning and responsible character traits.And it can give parents an opportunity to see what’s going on at school and let them express positive attitudes toward achievement.

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Homework usually falls into one of the 3 categories: preparation, practice and extension. A student should be given homework according to the requirement of the next class or lesson.

Homework done by the student everyday can help them follow their studies more efficiently and will bring stability to academics.

It can deny students access to leisure activities that also teach important life skills.

Parents can get too involved in homework—pressuring their child and confusing him or her by using different instructional techniques than the teacher.

They claim it can help students develop good study habits so they are ready to grow as their cognitive capacities mature.

It can help students recognize that learning can occur at home as well as at school.

Parents should be aware of the students study-life balance as other activities are also important.

According to some educational research, homework is often associated with greater academic achievement. It improves the student’s memory and thinking skills.

On the basis of these results and others, the authors suggest future research. For high school students, the positive line continues to climb until between 90 minutes and 2.5 hours of homework a night, after which returns diminish (Cooper, 1989; Cooper, Robinson, & Patall, 2006).

Beyond achievement, proponents of homework argue that it can have many other beneficial effects.


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