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- In Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”, the idea of resistance is present in multiple forms.

On a thematic level, Ginsberg exploits the reasons the “best minds” of his generation are being destroyed (9).

Each individual has their own adversities in life, and it feels as if one goes through this internal conflict alone.

During the 1950’s, Allen Ginsberg saw various degrees of insanity that diffused across the American landscape.

[tags: Walt Whitman, Allen Ginsberg, Ezra Pound] - Coming to Acceptance For most people, their personal journey to self-acceptance happens throughout their adolescence.

It is a private experience that most don’t write down and publish. In HOWL, Ginsberg tells of him and his friends’ voyage through criticism and judgment.Many can relate to what Ginsberg and his friends have been through, also having experienced the same struggles.The journey begins with thinking you’re the one with the problem, when in reality, society is the one at fault....Whitman’s poem inspired Ginsberg to write an extension of his poem by remixing it in a more angry and free willed way.By revising the style and the theme of Whitman’s poem, Ginsberg revisits and repurposes it with a strong expression of how much he disagrees with the judgmental American society he’s living in in a very obscene way while also embracing who he really is and not denying it.... Thomas, in other words, means that when people think something is true, there will be consequences from that belief.In his famous poem, Howl, he vividly and emotionally paints a picture of a horrifying time in his life in which he was consumed and destroyed by madness....[tags: Allen Ginsberg, Howl, Beat Generation] - Allen Ginsberg’s “A Supermarket in California” exhibits stark contrasts in tone.Under his circumstances, it was a disease that was incurable.Ginsberg, along with the other famous beat poets of his time in the 1950s’, had a remedy to his madness which was what he did best, create poems.Ginsberg exemplifies Whitman’s influence on his own poetry, and emulates Whitman’s rambling style.(Kriszner & Mandell, 534) I intend to explore the varying tones and themes present including an adoration for Walt Whitman by the speaker and a general sense of embracing life in all its wonder in “A Supermarket in Califo...


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