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Deciding to write in past, future or present tense can leave you wondering which might be best. There really is no right or wrong answer as all options are valid and important in writing.Many writers suggest using past tense when it comes to novel writing. Writing in the future tense may work for some writers but you will soon run out of things to write.The key is, when you start writing in a particular tense, you have to be consistent unless there is a valid reason to switch between tenses.

By the time you do your statement of purpose formatting, you’ll probably realise that you’ve written it either in present tense but most likely in the past tense.

This is because you are introducing the committee to who you are and talking about your achievements and qualifications.

Be aware at the beginning of your blog about the tense you are using to write. There is also the hope that the story will end with a happy ending.

Here is an example of how the impact differs depending on the tense you use. You cannot do that with the present or future tense. You will be able to write more naturally if you figure out what tense you use in your head.

Imagine you are having a conversation with a good friend in your head.

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Don’t actually say anything out loud, but just silently think about how the conversation will go.

Past tense I am walking down the stairs, and he is standing right in front of me. My emotions are all over the place, and I am thinking about running away. There will be a lot of time saved by doing it this way. If you write in perfect tenses that you’re not familiar with, such as present perfect or future perfect, you will find yourself shifting back to your natural tense somewhere along the line.

Then you have to go back and correct all those mix-ups.

This is also great when you put yourself in the shoes of the character.

It’s easy to confuse your tenses or to go back and forth amongst them.


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