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There are so many elements to explore and examine in this work, and here I turn my attention to the house-elves.

We were introduced to the creatures in the second book of…

As humans grow and age, they compile more experiences, which result in unique personalities, a deeper capacity for emotions, and more…

Read More When Harry has finished recounting the story of his experience in the Chamber of Secrets, and Dumbledore has dismissed everyone else from his office, he asks Harry to have a seat.

As the book series progressed, many of those essays became outdated or were proven wrong.

However, they are all included in our collection as an archive of fan thinking and speculation during those exciting years.

Period 4 AP US August 25, 2011 Persuasive Essay Harry potter is a magical tale that captivates the reader’s heart and mind within the first few chapters of opening its pages.

The story is relatable even in a magical castle of Hogwarts with wizards and witches.

Read More As any fan of the franchise worth their salt can tell you if asked, the biggest and most important responsibility of the fictional Ministry of Magic in J. Rowling’s universe is to make sure people like you and me (Muggles) remain blissfully ignorant of the continued existence…

Read More Professor Lupin‘s first class with the third-year Gryffindors covers boggarts, which shapeshift into a form that the person who encounters it will find the most frightening.


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