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Kari Allan March 19, 1997 Hamlet vs The Lion King It has been said by many intelligent and informed people that Disney's The Lion King is a children's version of Shakespeare's Hamlet.There are certainly many parallels between the two stories, and even in the actual dialogue.It can therefore be accepted that he probably let it be known to Hamlet Sr. Scar shows how it is in the nature of the truly evil to have their victims know they are going to die.

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The rest of the world no longer respects the people of Denmark, and in some respects, they might as well be dead considering the consequences of a bad public image. Both of the kings visit their sons and give advice that sets them into action. Scar and Claudius are the most evil of men because they want power and are willing to stomp on anyone who gets in the way of their goals.

After seeing their sons lose their courage and strength, they take personal offense in their inactivity. You have forgotten yourself and so you have forgotten me. After the murder of the original king, both seem to have been affected to their core by the mentality required to kill. Both rely on the stupidity of others to get the job done.

Scar repeatedly enlists the hyenas to murder Simba, and Claudius relies on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to take Hamlet to the leaders of England to end his life.

The hyenas and R&G are both bad choices because the princes are not killed in either circumstance.

He wishes he was dead, and half-heartedly tries to kill himself.

Nala tries to kill Timone and Pumbaa before she knows who they are.

Both are tested to the extent of their inner strength and faith in the triumph of good.

Simba was shown high moral standards by his father.

Scar talks of killing every character in the movie, although he is unsuccessful in killing anyone but Mufasa.

Timone and Pumbaa believe Simba to be dead when they first find him.


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