Games For Decision Making And Problem Solving

As an adult, my biggest problems are usually financial or work related, which I supposed are hand-in-hand in some regard.They’re very solvable problems, but I wish someone would do it for me. Problem-solving activities used to be fun and exciting, but now they come in the form of Sudoku, stress, and sleepless nights.)If it’s a nice day, the exercise can be very successfully run outside.

It's useful to give the teams coloured dot stickers to stick on the map so they're not tempted to write on the map - so you can re-use.

Thanks Glasstap for another brilliantly designed game - I would thoroughly recommend this.

They can make you smarter if you’re being effective about it.

Focusing on problems within the framework of a game can actually help you compartmentalize the issues you may have going on in your real life.

Aims:• To help participants develop their communication skills and in particular their listening skills, their ability to share information effectively and their ability to explore problems objectively.• To illustrate the importance of teamwork and develop the skills needed to work effectively with other teams – particularly where teams are small and geographically diverse.• To understand that effective teamwork involves identifying and capitalising on all of the unique skills and talents of individuals within the team.

Skills and Behaviours Tested: Communication skills, teamwork, collaboration, information sharing, information gathering, listening, questioning, attention to detail and problem solving.I ran this activity with a very dysfunctional and underdeveloped team.The design is very clever and does a great job in provoking extreme emotions and reactions.Obviously, in a game, it’s much more dramatized, but that’s why your other problems may seem small in comparison.It’s funny because children are told to play fewer games online to prevent a lack in brain development, but as adults, we can afford a little bit more online activity.I had hoped that the fact that there are two teams communicating in separate rooms using a mobile phone for contact would replicate the real world situation of field based service engineers calling in to the office with queries. Using two versions of the same map worked well and the fact that the place names were Welsh added to the confusion in communication.I would add in as a reminder on the Trainer Notes that the maps will be reused and i would add a pack of stickers or post it notes to your kit for this exercise.Notes: Each team will work with 1 other team (the partner team) in a separate location, who they should be able to contact by phone.(If there are only 2 participants involved, each team will consist of 1 person!With regard to work, can someone else figure out how late I can sleep in the morning without being late? As adults, we’re constantly busy and don’t tend to take the time to focus on games or other activities, but it’s important.Problem-solving games help the brain grow and be able to process information better.


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