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” c) Question – Current speaker will asks question in order to draws people attention and encourage others to get involved. Example Li Xun is talking a boring topic with Ruby. It brings further effects on the speakers in the speech. As the time goes by, they are separated by silence. Jeansen (1973) holds the opinion that silence can heal or wound someone. ( 1 Sylvia : Oh, I tear the sheet mistakenly. Nonetheless, an answer with “yes” does not mean it is a prefered response.Example “We go to Barcelona in the coming Easter, what do you think, darling? Li Xun: A movie, er, adapted from a magic fiction, er, so famous. It is believed that silence shows your attitude towards the topic of the conversation, as well as your attitude towards the speakers. Jeasen (1973) said that there may be some information behind the silence. Arthur asks what Sylvia is doing to see if she is free or not. 2 Arthur : 3 Sylvia : I think I need to buy a tape. According to Schegloff, “If the question is built to prefer ‘yes’, then ‘no’ is a dispreferred response, even if delivered without delay and in turn-initial position, vise versa” (Schegloff, 1988 c:453). The first one is preferred responses, which means answers are given positively.

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Consequently when B has finished speaking, A take turn again.

Schegloff, Sacks & Jefferson (1974) introduced a set of turn-taking rules for people who involved in conversation can manage turn transition and turn allocation easily.

Gaps in conversation occur very frequently, such as telephone conversation. Basic form of adjacency pair (Schegloff, 2007): First, adjacency pair involves two utterances. They are the first pair parts (FPPs) and the second pair parts (SFFs). Invitation / request → acceptance / declination [In Winnie’s birthday] Joanna: Would you like to dance with me, please? Before giving an invitation, you need to be sure that he or she is available or not. ( (Jefferson G.3:1) (Arthur is the caller; Sylvia is answering to the phone) 1 Sylvia : Hello. a) When answering indirectly: Example: Janice : Are you free on Monday? b) When answering with delay: Example: Hesitation such as “Well”, “Um”, “Er”… Transcription of conversation is very essential for analyzing conversation .

Example 1 Joanna: Well, will you help me for – these. Example 2 Hailey: Why don’t you come and join me tonight at the party. When the next speaker self-selects at a transition-relevance place, but a current speaker would like to add additional information into the completed utterance, overlaps will also occur. Example 4 Winnie: The party should be around seven or so Venus: Well, do you have an extra bed at your place? They are self-initiated self repair, other-initiated self repair, self-initiated other repair and other-initiated other repair. In the example, Li Xun initiates that he uses the wrong tense so he changes ‘go’ into ‘have gone’ immediately. Once the first utterance is spoken, the second is required. For instance, given a question is followed by an answer, then the question is the FPPs and the answer is the SPPs. Here are some example of some types of adjacency pairs (Wang, 2011): Question → answer [At the supermarket] Hailey: Can I get some help over here? It should be produced preceding conversation analysis, because it is used as a referential tool for the analysis of conversation (Psathas, 1995).

If two or more people are speaking at the same time, overlapping will occur when the next speaker start talking when the current speaker has just completed a thought only, but still decide to continue (Schegloff, Sacks & Jefferson 1974). The professors, therefore, choose to be silence when we are talking our ideas. Offer → acceptance / rejection [In the library] Liberian: May I help you find something? Compliment → acceptance Venus: Your dress looks very lovely. To verbalize a turn-constructional unit, every word ought to be placed one by one (Schegloff, 2007). ( Ben : Would you like to have a lunch? The IRF pattern are initiation, response and follow-up (Wang, 2011). (line2) ( (Scheflen, 194, as adapted in Peyrot, 19) 1 Seth : F ƒ Do you love me? Pre-expansion means adding a part before an exchange (FPs and SPs). When answering directly and without any delay: Example: Janice : Do you want to go swimming Jill : Yes, I do.

Gaps may be treated as signs of trouble, for example, that the upcoming turn such as disagreements and repairs (Levinson, 1983). The silence can be considered as an encouragement, an agreement or an appreciation. It includes two parts which are produced near another (Hutchby & Wooffitt, 1998) and is the smallest unit of conversational exchange. Counter means one does not answer SPP directly after one asks a FPP, instead he/she direct the FPP back to the asker (Schegloff, 2007). ( (Tarpee, 1991:1) 1 Kate : F ƒ What is it? According to Schegloffs, pre-expansion is expanding the conversation by adding preliminary question in front of the FFP (Schegloffs, 2007). ”, if you want one to accept your invitation, you expect the answer to be “no”; vice versa. Moreover, there are some other hints indicating the dispreferred status of a turn.

At the fundamental level, conversation analysis is the study of talk.

It studies the natural and authentic conversation in real life situations, especially to determine turn-taking organization, silence and repairing problem, sequence of utterances and transcription.

Example Venus: Where should we go now, turn left or turn right? Also, they may soften their speech, lengthen the last syllable of a sentence or use some discourse markers e.g. If certain markers are showed by the current speaker, another participant will then take over the conversation. Implicit markers Most of the time, people use body languages, sometimes prosodic features such as falling tone and rising tone can also be used. a) Suggestion – Turn-taking by making some suggestions. The detail which he gives however reminds Ruby of the name of the movie. The functions he points out are the following: a judgmental function, a linkage function, an affecting function, a revelation function and an activating function. There are different types of responses during exchanges.

Example “Shall we go to Lamma Island on this Tuesday? This situation is defined as self-initiated other repair. All of the five functions are what we are going to focus on. For instance, when greeting, one says hello to you and you are supposed to reply with a greeting too.


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