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In addition to the Supreme Court arguments in Plessy, the year saw the passing of the great Negro leader Frederick Douglass and the emergence of a new black spokesperson, Booker T. Unlike Douglass, who pressed for full and immediate integration, Booker Washington accepted social separation of the races.In a famous speech delivered in September 1895 at the Cotton State’s Exposition in Atlanta, Booker Washington declared that “in all things purely social we can be as separate as the fingers, yet one as the hand in all things essential to mutual progress.” It was a message much of white America could endorse.When he refused, a police officer forcibly ejected Plessy and hurried him off to the parish jail in New Orleans.

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In October of 1895, the United States Supreme Court heard Plessy’s arguments.

The Court upheld Louisiana’s Separate Car Law in the case of Plessy v. In so doing, it announced the legal principle, “separate but equal,” that would guide American race relations for over half a century.

that barred persons from occupying rail cars other than those to which their race had been assigned.

Had railroad officials not been notified in advance that Homer Plessy was one-eighth black, he undoubtedly could have taken his seat in the “white” section of the train. Louisiana, however, applied “the one drop rule”: anyone with one drop of non-white blood was classified as “colored” under the Louisiana code.

They resolved to give their intellectually curious and “serious minded” child every advantage they could.

As often as their tight budget allowed, they took Charles to the zoo, concerts, and matinee theaters.

Charles Houston undoubtedly owed much of his early success to his remarkable parents.

His mother, a hairdresser whose clients included senators and cabinet officers, and his father, William, a general practice lawyer, lavished love and attention on Charles.

We are now in September and the Autumn/fall brings something very exciting to all us legal geeks. Every single year after the initial weeks I felt one thing ‘SWAMPED” I realized that 4 Year Law really was hard.

That I would have set times for study and that I would cope with the workload better.


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