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", "How do I enable non-technical people to have all their purchased video available at their TV?" (clearly the media PC hasn't quite gotten the recipe right there).

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If the market is small ask what folks with high levels of disposable income might want.

If cars can self drive how would you build a parking structure for them?

Basically transferring the 'state' of how many times I'd gone around the loop in the state of the cap. Maybe a nice thank you if I sent it in to "Helpful Hints from Heloise."So looking around at problems they come in some common forms.

They are the result of something being too complicated thus requiring either specialists or training time.

Sometimes its useful to think about those kinds of things and watch for the 'unlimited energy' appearing in the news (as it would if we suddenly mastered the fusion cycle for example).

A variation on this I was doing back in the 80's as a network programmer at Sun wondering what sort of things would be possible when everyone had high speed network access. We know that nearly every nerd who goes into space, if they have a wee bit of privacy is going to be thinking how they try out sex in space. Bigelow wants to put inflatable hotels up there, what kind of luggage do they need?As a follow-up, how do you actually validate whether or not you will actually move forward with it (market opportunity, personal problem, growth potential, ease/challenge of problem, customer validation)? I once told someone who asked me about the same question "How can you not see new ideas here?"I'm a problem solver, and when there is a problem from "keys locked in the car" to "too expensive to move mass to lunar orbit" I just start speculating solutions.Knowing that any problem is in fact a series of problems the other problems get solution speculations on their own, and out of those hundreds or thousands of ideas pop out things that occasionally are both implementable and monetizable.To give an example of how I think, one day when I was taking a shower I recognized that I'm so busy thinking about things that I sometimes lose track of whether or not I've done one round of shampoo or two.Consider the more probable new capability like 'easy access to space'. And there are all sorts of geeky technical problems like "how do you make white space spectrum available to everyone?So there are folks like Virgin Galactic, Space X, etc who are working toward making access to space available to non-NASA types. ", "What sort of cash drawer thing is useful for an NFC enabled world?Once you get into the habit of looking for ideas, you'll start to see them everywhere.Most will have fatal problems (and practice also makes you better at seeing these quickly), but some won't.Can you build a device which powderizes these materials and then feeds them into feed hoppers for an industrial scale 3D printer? The thought sequence, venture wise, is always the same:1) How many people have this problem.2) How many other ways are there to solve it or live with it.3) What would it cost to offer a solution?4) How does the cost compare with the pain of the problem, and the cost of other options (including 'doing nothing'!


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