Failure Case Studies In Civil Engineering Structures Foundations And The Geoenvironment

Failure Case Studies In Civil Engineering Structures Foundations And The Geoenvironment-77
The course reviews variational calculus and introduces the fundamental concept of structural stability.The goal is to develop the background needed to understand the principles behind structural instability and to analyze buckling/post-buckling behavior of conventional structural components and periodic structures.The course covers (a) dynamics of lumped parameter single and multi-degree-of-freedom systems under various types of time-dependent loads, (b) seismic response and response spectra, (c) modal analysis, (d) numerical evaluation of response, (e) inelastic systems, and (f) special topics on visco-elastic behavior, damping, simplified nonlinear analysis, capacity and demand spectra, torsion, etc.

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The selection, engineering design, construction, monitoring and performance evaluation of earth structures are presented in this class.

Topics of study include densification (soft ground consolidation, deep dynamic compaction, compaction); reinforcement (earth retaining systems; soil nailing; reinforced earth; micropiles; etc.); and ground improvement by admixtures, including grouting and soil mixing.

The course presents the fundamental principles of solid mechanics.

Material covered in the class includes a review of vectors, matrices and tensors; the geometry of deformation; elastic constitutive theory; boundary value problems in elasticity; Ritz methods; linear beams and plates; energy principles; stability; planar buckling of beams; and an introduction to nonlinear solid mechanics.

It will emphasize fundamental concepts and analytical solution techniques.

This course is the first of a two-course sequence on Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering.

This course is an advanced course in reinforced concrete.

Topics addressed in the course include concrete materials; moment-curvature relationships; response of components to flexure, axial force and shearing force; anchorage; strut-and-tie models; limit analysis and design of slabs; seismic design of reinforced concrete buildings that include moment frames and/or shear walls; and seismic analysis and design of safety-related nuclear structures. Prerequisites: CIE 423 (or equivalent) and CIE 429 (or equivalent).

This course covers the basis of current design specifications for metal structures, including material behavior, failure under stress, strength theories, brittle fracture, fatigue, and residual stress.

Topics covered in the class include fundamentals of member performance, bending and extension of beams, uniform and non-uniform torsion, column buckling including the effects of crookedness and rotation, inelasticity, residual stress, plate buckling, and design of girders.


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