Facts About Ancient Egypt For Kids Homework

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Their differing religious beliefs were linked by their common focus on the interaction between the human world, the world of the gods and their beliefs in the afterlife.The primary sources of evidence for the religious beliefs and the cults of their gods, pharaohs and the dead include large scale inscriptions and depictions on the walls of temples, monolithic stone shrines, obelisks, temple architecture, manuscripts and on sacred objects.

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Only priests, priestesses and the Pharaoh, queen, or occasionally other members of the royal family, were allowed inside the temples.

Ordinary Egyptians were only allowed as far as the gates of the temples Festivals: There were numerous festivals in which the gods were worshipped and these great festivals allowed the ordinary Egyptians to see the sacred statues of the gods that were believed to be living embodiments of the deities.

Discover fast, interesting facts about Egyptian Religion, ancient Egypt and the ancient Egyptians.

The Ancient Egyptian religion survived for over 3000 years.

Over 2000 gods were worshipped but most were insignificant, local deities.

What were the religious beliefs of the people of ancient Egypt? Why is there little information about the majority of their gods?

Learn about Egyptian Religion the fast and easy way via the Egyptian Religion Fact sheet.

This fact sheet provides interesting facts and information about the gods, goddesses and deities of ancient Egypt, the gods with the heads of animals, the priests and the cults, the temples and the offerings.

Find fascinating fun facts about Egyptian Religion for kids and the history, culture and civilisation of the ancient Egyptians and ancient Egypt.

The vast majority of the deities were local gods and formed part of the Egyptian religion of small villages and local families.


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