Euthanasia Moral Essay

Euthanasia Moral Essay-40
One of the most basic arguments against euthanasia is that each life is valued and a price cannot be put on it.

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This is a valid concern since human contact is diminishing and people are more likely to engage in inhumane actions today.

Clark reveals that people exhibit a high willingness to act inhumanely with over 60% of subjects in one study stating that they approved of “mercy killing” of the unfit if a population explosion could not be averted (252).

If physicians are allowed to kill terminally ill patients who choose to have their lives ended voluntarily, it can eventually lead to a situation where doctors kill patients with similar illnesses who might not necessary want to die.

The integrity of the medical profession would be greatly damaged if active euthanasia were encouraged.

On the other hand, opponents assert that there is no moral justification of active euthanasia and it should therefore not be permitted.

This paper will argue that active euthanasia is unjustifiable and proceed to offer reason why this practice is morally wrong.When economic considerations become the basis for making decisions concerning the worth of human life, negative consequences may follow.It is possible that patients will choose euthanasia not because they feel that their life has no value but rather out of pressure from their family due to motivations to save money by avoiding medical expenses.The Utilitarian ethics theory suggests that the moral action is the once that enhances the welfare of the majority.A physician uses his skills for the good of many members of the society.If active euthanasia is going to compromise his psychological well-being, the physician will not be able to effectively serve the members of the society.It can therefore be argued that active euthanasia while alleviating the pain of one patient will cause harm to many others who will not benefit from the physician’s services.This outlook is in line with Kant’s theory of categorical imperative, which declares that the right action is the one that follows the rules in place.Even in instances where physicians feel justified to assist a patient end his/her life because of their terminal illness, they should not since the law prohibits this act.This has caused a considerable amount of debate on the issue of active euthanasia (doctor assisted suicide) throughout the world.Advocates of active euthanasia claim that in some situations, it is not only right but also the moral thing for the physician to assist the patient to commit suicide.


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