Essays On Personal Addiction

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Involvement in some types of activity also contributed to artificial change in mood: gambling, computer, sex, overeating or fasting, work, play long rhythmical music.

Distraction from the doubts and feelings in difficult situations from time to time is necessary to everyone, but in the case of addictive behavior, it becomes a lifestyle, during which a person is trapped in a permanent departure from reality.

Addictive implementation replaces friendship, love and other kinds of activity.

It consumes time, effort, energy and emotion and as result an addict is unable to maintain a balance in life, includes in other forms of activity, enjoys interacting with people, gets involved in something, relaxes, and develops other aspects of the personality, shows sympathy and emotional support even for closest people (Santrock, 2010).

-Got sent to a school away from my house, and recreated a sense of pride. -(closing) saying that above all, I believe in myself and what I have done, and that is what it is that makes me who I am ...

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SO basically, an essay that I have written says the following things in the following order...

-(intro) basically saying that I am not asking for some sort of sympathy, and that I only want to be heard.

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The essence of the addictive behavior is that in order to escape from reality, people are trying to artificially change their mental state, which gives them the illusion of security, restoration of equilibrium.


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