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In 1974, the Office of Population Theory Research was established in the Beijing College of Economics.

In 1974, the Office of Population Theory Research was established in the Beijing College of Economics.

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During the 1970s, the CCP governmental philosophy shifted from Mao Zedong’s emphasis on ideological class struggle to an effort to incorporate science into policy making advocated by the Deng Xiaoping leadership team.

Informed by a neo-Malthusian population theory that regarded population growth as the most serious problem of the modern world, the leadership began to associate a large population with the many problems that China was facing: poverty, inadequate education, pollution, and unemployment.

Song’s group confirmed and legitimized the leadership’s concerns with China’s population problem.

Alternative views offered by dissident social scientists were rejected.

This initiative constituted the most massive governmental attempt to control human fertility and reproduction in human history.

These campaigns prioritized reproductive technologies for contraception, abortion, and sterilization in gynecological and obstetric medicine, while downplaying technologies related to fertility treatment.

At the same time, the PRC Marriage Law was revised, stating that birth planning was a legal responsibility for both husband and wife.

The central government also suggested concrete means for implementing the One-Child Policy.

Health care subsidies, guaranteed retirement income, privileged housing opportunities, and other benefits were also distributed to parents of single children.

Parents giving birth to more than two children, on the other hand, had to offer 10% of their salaries as an excess-child penalty for fourteen years for each out-of-plan child.


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