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This style includes both classical and folklore styles.

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She never jumped, or bobbed her breatsts, or went in for bumping and grinding.

There was a majestic deliberateness to the whole thing that maintained itself right through even the quicker passages.

“Belly dance” is not what I call it myself or what I offer in my studio. All of the styles offered today shouldn’t necessarily be called belly dancing, but I have included them because they are out there.

I call it “Arabic Style Dance.” My preference only! Ones that are not included, like burlesque and pole dancing, are left off on purpose. Most of the styles listed at least relate to the dance in some way.

The essay, "Homage to a Belly Dancer," (which originally appeared in the London Review of Books) is a great find to anyone interested in belly dance, Tahia Carioca, or the process of writing about dance and the body.

Here is an excerpt, starting with Said as a teenager infatuated with this woman who was for many, the essence of beauty and feminity: "...

The point is to make an effect mainly (but by no means exclusively) through suggestiveness and--in the full-scale composition Tahia offered that night--to do so over a series of episodes kintted together in alternating, moods, recurring motifs.

"Her diaphonous veils were laid over the modified bikini that was basic to the outfit without ever becoming its main attraction.

This includes both the classical and folklore dances of the Middle East.

NEAR EASTERN DANCE – a dance style that sticks closer to the roots of the Eastern Mediterranean countries.


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