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n estimating the significance of geopolitical maneuvering by the USA, EU, China, and Russia, more can be discerned by looking at the organ grinders rather than their monkeys.One might expect this to be axiomatic, but apparently not, and it can be readily dismissed as “conspiracy theory” by journalists, academics and other intellectually banal types; unless it is a Clintonesque conspiracy theory that is of a Russophobic character.

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New generations of Chinese are adopting the styles, mannerisms and consumer trends of their American and European counterparts.

Moreover, the oligarchic interests will remain the same.

He called it the “BRICs dream,” in a 2003 paper, “Dreaming with BRICs: The Path to 2050.”[9] BRICS goes well beyond other regional groupings established by international capital, such as the EU, “Pacific Rim,” and “Trilateralism.”The “new silk road,” not a single transit but a series of development projects linking Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South East Asia, with China as the hub, is being promoted as the hope of the future. We will not be reaching for new heights of culture motivated by Confucius.

One enthusiast, the Australasian lawyer, James O’Neil wrote of the “new silk road” that it will “seriously affect the dollar’s previous dominance and with it the ability of the United States to exercise economic and political influence throughout the world.”[10] Be that as it may, it remains globalization whether under U. Corporate global culture proceeds under economic globalization, regardless of the nation nominally at the head.

It makes no difference to Soros or the Goldman Sachs people where they happen to reside.

Their balance sheets are not nationalistic, and nor are they.SRFC was created specifically to access investment opportunities opened up by the Belt and Road Initiative. We are global in outlook, international in culture, and rooted in China.Our senior team is made up of leading financial industry veterans and international advisors with significant banking and investing experience.[14]The whole business is an axis between the Chinese state and international finance.Chinese leadership of globalization is not going to dislodge the present oligarchy, but expand its scope.The “One Belt, One Road” vision is being directed by oligarchs in conjunction with Chinese interests. The Silk Road Finance Corporation states of its purpose: We believe that China’s Belt and Road Initiative is an opportunity for greater cooperation between Chinese and international companies and markets.The question arises however as to whether Putin really does see great potential opportunities for Russia in the “New Silk Road.”[18] Oligarchy sees the possibility of Russia being subsumed by the new vision, but there is a dichotomy that has yet to be resolved; eliminating what is called Russia’s “reactionary” economic policies.In an informative article, journalist Wade Shepard writes from Asia: Russia has always maintained a rather inconsistent position when it comes to the development of the New Silk Road and China’s Belt and Road initiative.China sees itself as the leader of globalization, displacing the USA.So does George Soros, and the strategists at Goldman Sachs, et al.The investment bankers Goldman Sachs, Rothschild, Merrill Lynch, Chase, Citigroup, etc., do not owe prime loyalty to any super-power, nation or coalition of nations.Their forefathers were bankers to empires for centuries, then just as conscientiously helped to scuttle the very notion of “empire” when it became economically redundant.[4] If a China-led world economy offers better prospects for international investments than one led by the USA, rivalry over geopolitical interests in the South China Sea, or anywhere else, are not going to play anything other than a nuisance factor for global capital.


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