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In 1957 a man named Herman Finer argued that there were too many "rules of accountability on Public Administrators.

His argument was such that it had been divided into three representations. Civil Rights then came into the picture around the 1960's and called for an innovative mode of public administration.

According to Laski, the Administrative Services “must live under the aegis of two rules.” In the first place, the executive should possess the least control over the appointment of public officials.

When appointments are left to the exclusive control of the political executive, it is a prolific source of corruption in public life.

It means adoption of Civil Service as a permanent career or professionalisation of Civil Service.

According to Professor Milton Mandell, it is a system “predicated on recruiting young men and women with capacity to learning and growth, training them in order to develop and utilise their aptitudes, and offering them opportunities for advancement in responsibility and remuneration.”Willoughby defines the term Government Services Career as “a system that offers equal opportunities to all citizens to enter the government service, equal pay to all employees doing work requiring the same degree of intelligence and capacity, equal opportunities for advancement, equally favourable conditions and equal participation in retirement allowances, and makes equal demands upon the employees.”Prospective candidates are recruited in service at an early age, during their formative period, and are, then, systematically trained in the technique of administration with a view also that they should possess the intrinsic qualities which a civil servant should possess."The Perpetual Pursuit of Purpose: PA – State of the Discipline II" Once the government came to the realization that it has the responsibility to meet the needs of the citizens, Public Administration was shaped.When this theory was first brought into fruition it was tested and modified in many different ways in order to find the perfect way to "Administrate".Public Administration is such an art that there is no certain way to do it.There are no specific directions to follow in order to succeed in this field.All of these elements have everything to do with Performance measurement.This is a key operating procedure in public administration.The reason for this was that WWII had ended and GI's needed government jobs.Public Administration has a short history and it only proves that it is still changing and molding to the needs of society.Its objectives are individual, its spirit and methods are special.” The young people, therefore, should enter the government service at an age “when their minds are open to influence by the individual character of government activity.”By making civil service a career, the government guarantees to its employees permanence of tenure of office, the fullest freedom of advancement and promotion and a comfortable pension on retirement.It also entails the systematic classification of government jobs.


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