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In French, when a verb follows a preposition, the verb is normally in its infinitive form.

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j’essaie tu essaies il/elle/on essaie nous essayons vous essayez ils/elles essaient You’ll notice that for the nous, vous and iles/elles pronouns the “S” is linked to the first letter of Essayer.

This is because the first letter of the verb is a vowel and leaving out that S sound would not sound good to the French year.

Most French verbs actually follow regular patterns according to three groupings: verbs ending in -er, in -ir, and in -re.

Of these three groups, -er verbs are by far the most common.

Check out this list of common regular French verbs for even more vocabulary to practice. Study more French verbs – check out our Ultimate French Verb Guide!

Carol Beth teaches French lessons in San Francisco, CA.For English nouns ending in -y, the plural form changes -y to -i and adds -es.Likewise here, -yer verbs will change -y to -i in addition to replacing -er with the appropriate ending – except (because French loves exceptions! For example, the verb “ Practice makes perfect, so keep on practicing with your tutor and checking yourself.For the “nous” forms of such verbs, the ending therefore changes from -ons to -eons.For example, the correct “nous” form of “.” The second involves those verbs ending in -yer.However, when we conjugate verb we need to delete the “Y” and use an “I”.This is because the French language has evolved over time and the modern language an I is now used.Fais tes devoirs – do your homework Faisons nos devoirs – let’s do our homework Faites vos devoirs – do your homework Can you think of other times when you will need the imperative? An expression often encountered in a letter is: Veuillez accepter l’expression de mes sentiments les meilleurs – meaning ‘please accept’ from the verb “vouloir” in the imperative Adverbs are used to describe actions.To form adverbs in French, you usually get the feminine form of the adjective and add ‘ment’. Feminine form is ‘heureuse’, so the adverb happily is ‘heureusement’. The idea is that you are in some way performing an action to yourself: The Imperative has only three forms and is generally the same as the present tense without the pronoun.It is simply a way of giving an order or making a suggestion.


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