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Both the government and organizations (or forces) that set for themselves political goals can resort to this method of political action.For many years the strategy of precautionary frightening, regardless of the character of the subject of the radical act, were designated by the general notion of terror.

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At that moment of time and space, in which the act of terrorism took place, the authorities lost their monopoly on violence, the laws and the establishments of rule were defiantly violated.

In the area of the act of terrorism, different rule was realized. Forms instances of active noncompliance and forceful confrontation to the government.

The masterminds of terror campaigns call this "propaganda by action." The act contains a call to the forces sympathetic to the deeds of the radicals, to support the alert confrontation of the authorities. Usually, activates any forces and feelings in opposition to authorities, including those who are distancing themselves from the campaign of terror.

On the one side, there is a trend to excessively extended explanation, while some politic representatives, lacking adequate reasons, name their contradictors terrorists. The radicals themselves prefer to name themselves warriors, guerillas, diversionists behind the enemy's lines, etc.

Thus, it leads to the obscurities of equally lawful definition, and broad notional comprehension of terrorism.

Besides, the object of coercion can be personal and civic possessions, transportation, vital functions.

The intention of coercion is to attain the course of events desired for the radicals: revolution, political and social unrest, unleashing a war with a foreign country, gaining liberty by some territory, a fall in the prestige of the authority, politic concessions on the part of the system, etc.

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International terrorism essay defines the word “terrorism” To define terrorism is a rather difficult job.


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