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This poem is exceptional in the way it treats one-way love.

Dickinson captures the profound inner torturing brought by affection, love and rejection.

In many literature works, the theme of love is often widely used.

In this essay, the following love stories written by the following authors will be analyzed: Walt Wiltman, Henry James, William Faulkner and Emily Dickinson.

The theme of love is involved in the works of Willa Cather as well.

Love in her writing is seen as carrying very profound and emotional shading.It can be said to be a good value which encompasses other emotions such as compassion, empathy, and fondness.It can further be defined as a concern for one another which is based on loyalty and also unselfishness.In this short poem Dickinson vows to her heart, calling it a dear friend, telling him that "he" will soon face oblivion.It is of interest how she pictures the process when she tries to forget the man and remembers all the good associated with him while she is doing so.Another profound and unique interpretation of sorrowful love can be seen in Emily Dickinson’s writing.An interesting example can be seen in “Heart, We Will Forget Him” .The feelings are viewed from a woman’s perspective.Here is a sample from Cather’s “The Song of The Lark”: The spark in his eye, which is one’s very self, caught the spark in hers that was herself, and for a moment they looked into each other’s natures.Cather’s writing is very original in the aspect of approach to love and the role of woman.Thomas Stearns Eliot (September 26, 1888 – January 4, 1965) authored one of the most breath-taking pieces of writing peculiar considering the fact that it mainly involved carnal love.


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