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Often low self- esteem stems from feelings of guilt.It may arise from aggressive impulses or their desire to succeed if success represents something unacceptable. Hence, it is necessary to examine the circumstances that bring out those feelings of low self-esteem.People come to understand that failing is just failing. Simply, they were unable to do it and life goes on. However, while taking risks, there are some things to be kept in mind. If you begin by taking big risks, you are almost guaranteed to fail.

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To become more self-esteeming, think more highly of yourself and start owning, appreciating, accepting, and becoming more comfortable with yourself.

With an increase in self-esteem, less and less situations will seem to be fraught with peril.

People with a low sense of self-esteem look to the work they produce as a constant measurement of their inherent worth.

They fear failure because it would strike at the very core of their value as a person. It allows them to preserve an illusion of brilliance without ever having the illusion destroyed by reality.

It would enable you to comfortably look people in the eye and make you look more confident.

Low self-esteem can thwart even the best-laid career plans, however well educated, experienced and talented a person may be.

If you take a risk in one area of your life and succeed, the impact will be felt in other areas too.

Attempting some physical feats in the outdoors that you have never dreamed you were capable of would increase one’s self-respect.

One should also try to understand what other forces are also at work.

Risk-taking is one of the answers to deal with the problem of low self-esteem.


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