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In creating his diversion, Cyrano took it as his mission to make impossible things seem plausible.Although this and his other SF-like writings were published only posthumously and in various censored versions, Cyrano had a great influence on later satirists and social critics.Fans relished the seemingly endless variety of SF-related products and pastimes, including books, movies, television shows, computer games, magazines, paintings, comics, and, increasingly, collectible figurines, Web sites, DVDs, and toy weaponry.

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The clearest forerunner of the genre, however, was the 17th-century swashbuckler Utopias and dystopias.) The voyager eats fruit from the biblical tree of knowledge and joins lunar society as a philosopher—that is, until he is expelled from the Moon for blasphemy.

Following a short return to Earth, he travels to the Sun, where a society of birds puts him on trial for humanity’s crimes.

For example, in , the story is just as much about Jimmy's transformation into Snowman, Crake's disenchantment with humanity, Oryx's profound forgiveness, and the nature of humanity as it is about the technologies in the world that brought them to these experiences.

Some consider this type of fiction, which focuses on people rather than technology, to be part of the “soft science fiction” genre, but Atwood herself considers her novels to be primarily speculative fiction.

Science fiction writers often seek out new scientific and technical developments in order to prognosticate freely the techno-social changes that will shock the readers’ sense of cultural propriety and expand their consciousness. United States, where it first catered to a juvenile audience.

Following World War II, science fiction spread throughout the world from its epicentre in the United States, spurred on by ever more staggering scientific feats, from the development of nuclear energy and atomic bombs to the advent of space travel, human visits to the Moon, and the real possibility of cloning human life.Margaret Atwood's novels are well known for their forward-thinking, thought-provoking content.Although many would classify her as a science fiction writer, others would not.Space travel, for example, is a popular topic among science fiction writers.As a speculative fiction work, is clearly not set in the real universe, but nevertheless echoes real situations.Speculative fiction, on the other hand, allows for alternate histories and futures to be explored.Some have argued that the term speculative fiction has also served as a way for authors to escape the pigeonholing tendencies of genre.The book was swiftly banned by the French ancien régime, which recognized that Mercier’s fantasy about “the future” was a thin disguise for his subversive revolutionary sentiments.Despite this official sanction—or perhaps because of it—Mercier’s book became an international best seller.The reason for the divergent classifications has to do with subtle difference in how people define what belongs to the genre of science fiction.Atwood uses a great deal of technology in her books. However, others have argued that three important distinctions take this novel out of the traditional realm of science fiction into a broader, more encompassing genre called speculation fiction, which is an umbrella term that includes science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, horror, dystopian fiction, and other works that imagine a universe that is slightly different from our own.


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