Essay Questions About Pearl Harbor

Essay Questions About Pearl Harbor-65
I couldn’t help overhearing the general say something about an unfamiliar group of aircrafts that are well on their way over the Pearl Harbor base.Shortly after hearing this my husband rushed to the base.

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It was a surprise attack, an attack that occurred at a time when the United States was least expecting it. In my opinion being the strongest country defiantly had its fair share of disadvantages.

In my perception it was a day that will live in my dreams for the rest of my life.

He had been working as a private for the whole community.

He phoned the air-warning center in Honolulu as fast as he could.

Me, however will remember that America fought back, they fought for everything that America stands for.

A memorial, called the Arizona stands till this day remembering everyone who fought long and hard for our country.

Many of the fighters were spending their morning sleeping, eating breakfast, or even preparing to go ashore for some last minute Christmas shopping.

My husband and I were relaxing on the sunny docks watching our neighbors train carefully.

I helped drag wounded men and women in to get them as much help as they needed. Over 2,388 people were killed, and almost 2,000 wounded.

Supplies were running low, and the capacity of the hospital area couldn’t possibly fit the amount of casualties that were wounded during this unforgettable war. The sights and sounds will stay with the people who have survived it throughout their lives.


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