Essay On Why Students Dropout Of School

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According to gov, if you have less than a high school diploma, you will earn on average around 22,860 a year.With a high school diploma or equivalent, you will earn around 29,950. Even just an associate’s degree can boost that on up to around 37,030 a year.

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Most students find it tough to establish a balance between work and college thus they end up considering either leaving the job or dropping out of school.

Furthermore, college and work require a student`s commitment and dedication to be active in their education and work by putting in effort and working diligently in the workplace to guarantee their retention.

Although some don’t think that way, some think it’s a waste of time.

Students drop out of school maybe because of financial problems at home, feeling like they aren’t good enough, needing to raise their own families, or maybe a relative became sick and no one can take care of them other than the student.

Students prefer dropping out of college to quitting a job because earning enables them to pay their bills as compared to being a student their parents’, guardians’ or scholarships caters for their fees and basic needs.

The second cause for students dropping out of college is unexpected personal problems.

Many people don’t realize how rough some families have it. Not all students have the dedication that others have; most students in my school are there because if not, their parents would be taken to jail.

Students feel like they are wasting their time in school.

Many people also think that they will never get out of this town, therefore why put forth all my effort to something I am never going to use.

Inability to balance between working and studies for employed students is a cause for dropping out of college.


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